Text by Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)

Translated into English by Joseph Massaad 

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Germany is still a small child,
But his nurse is the sun.
She does not suckle him with still milk,
She feeds him with flames that burn.

With such nourishment one grows fast
And blood boils in ones veins.
Neighbourhood children, beware, avoid
To cross this young one, avoid the pains!

He is an awkward little giant,
He can tear oak-trees out of the soil,
Beats your back until it is sore,
And bashes your head without toil.

He resembles Siegfried, the noble stripling,
Whose tales we recite and sing too,
The one, who after having forged his sword,
Used it to cut the anvil in two!

Yes, you will be like Siegfried, one day,
And you will kill the ugly dragon;
Hurrah! how joyfully will your nurse laugh
When she looks down from heaven!

You will kill him and his treasures,
The imperial jewels, you will own.
Hurrah! how beautiful, on your head,
Will sparkle the golden crown