Many pale spirits have I now

Text by Heinrich Heine (1797-1856)
Translated into English by Joseph Massaad 

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Many pale spirits have I now,
Conjured with words of might;
They refuse to listen, to bow
And return to the old Night.

The spell that should make them obey,
I forgot with terror and gloom;
They now drag me, to my dismay,
Into their misty house of doom.

Hands off! you dark demons of hell,
Hands off, begone, let me be!
Many a pleasure may still dwell,
On earth's rosy light for me.

I must forever be striving
To reach the flower so fair;
My whole life would have no meaning,
Unless I, her love could share!

I wish once more to embrace her
And press her on my blazing breast!
And, on lips and cheeks, kissing her,
With sublime torments be blessed!

If only once, her mouth could say,
For me to hear, a loving word,
I'll follow you, without delay,
O spirits! into your dark world.

The spirits have heard and draw near,
And they nod horribly.
Sweet love, I have come, I am here:
Sweet love, do you love me?